Director, Facilities & Maintenance

In collaboration with Hospital senior management, is responsible for the administration of all departmental programs and services relating to functional maintenance, system operations and utility services.
Under the general direction of the Vice President of Facilities and Support Services, the Director of Facilities and Maintenance is responsible for the development and administration of planning, design and construction of the Medical Center.
He/she is primarily concerned with the implementation of the organization's short and long-term facilities plan.
He/she is responsible for representing the owner during the programming, design and construction phases of major building projects, internal renovations, and changes to existing structures.
The Director of Facilities and Maintenance must ensure that senior management is apprised of current project schedules, costs and that the owner's goals and interests are being achieved.
Establishes and directs departmental goals and objectives in accordance with those of the Hospital administration to provide and assure the basic needs for the welfare, comfort, and safety of patients, visitors, and staff as they relate to maintenance, repair, operation, and modification of all hospital
buildings, grounds, mechanical and electrical systems and equipment.
Responsibilities/Essential Functions:
"Provides superior customer service to internal and external clients, customers, and patients as referenced in the Service Excellence Standards."
Administers and directs all activities of the department through subordinate managers and supervisors.
Supervise the day to day operation of the department to assure that maintenance and repair work is done in a safe and timely manner in the best interests of the patients and the hospital staff.
Set up and supervise a preventive maintenance system that will assure inspection, testing, and maintenance of all equipment in the hospital and will produce documentation as required to prove compliance with JCAHO.
Establishes and adjusts, when necessary, staffing levels, reporting relationships, job descriptions, policies and procedures, management systems, performance standards, staff training, and development of human resources for the department.
Advises members of the Hospital's bargaining team for union contract negotiations, assures adherence to union contract agreements, and reviews all grievance proceedings accordingly.
In collaboration with senior management, develops, establishes and monitors departmental expense budgets. Assures the procurements of labor, materials, purchased services, utilities and contracts necessary to operate, maintain and repair the buildings, grounds and systems.
Writes or solicits requests for proposals for above services, reviews and negotiates contract terms, recommends contract proposals to senior management including engagement of consultative services when necessary.
Is responsible for all departmental fiduciary matters including but not limited to authorization of purchase requisitions, bills, contractor payments, labor reports and overtime assignments. Analyzes financial reports and provides explanations or justifications when required.
Reads, interprets and assures the documentation and filing of building and system plans, specifications, and operation and maintenance manuals.
Develops and/or procures plans, specifications, bid documents, estimates, schedules and quotations.
Assures that all departmental programs are in compliance with JCAHO standards, NFPA standards, hospital directives and all other applicable government codes and regulations. As designated, represents the Hospital maintenance, operations and construction.
Assures the procurement of permits and licenses as necessary for work and/or equipment under the department's purview.
Participates in facility development in concert with the organization's goal for specific building programs.
Assists with directing and coordinating architects, engineers and construction managers during the programming, design development bidding and construction phases of each project.
Evaluates and recommends changes during the development and construction phases of the project.
Participates in discussions and recommendations with senior management and board committees
Construction of additional facilities.
Space utilization planning
Project budgets
Scheduling and re-locations
Steps to achieve long and short-term goals.
Establishes an ongoing communication process during the design, construction, relocation and occupancy phases of each project with the following:
Impacted user and support departments
Facilities, information services and telecommunication departments
State and local regulatory agencies for licensing and occupancy requirements
Community relations and Foundation departments for promotional activities
Reviews all consultant and contractor/vendor invoices and requisitions.
Coordinates the property management of building facilities both on and off campus such as:
Negotiates landlord/tenant leases.
Interfaces with facility department to provide the necessary maintenance of tenant units per
Inspects and reports on possible off-site property locations.
Develops documents for the proper build-out of these facilities.
Coordinates the occupancy and move in of the various parties.
Provides effective communications of planning and construction efforts with Medical Center Management, uses departments, outside consultants, contractors, and vendors.
Develops facility plans and recommendations that are well researched, environmentally sound, conserving of resources and that promote the highest and best use of our structures, site and surroundings.
Management of Building and Environmental Systems inclusive of Medical Center's Preventive Maintenance Program on Systems.
Evaluation/Replacement processes for System/Capital Equipment and Systems.
Aesthetics of Medical Center (inclusive of Buildings and Grounds).
Develops, maintains, and tracks daily Perfect Room Program in conjunction with Environmental Services and Nursing.
Maintenance related/Facility related project management inclusive of customer communications, site planning and ILSM.
In cooperation with the Vice President, plan the operation of utilities in all building to minimize energy consumption.
Oversees both temporary and permanent construction management personnel with regard to performance, education, and training. Institutes training procedures where appropriate.
Develops and puts in place standardized forms and procedures for contracts, estimates, schedules, job management, safety concerns, shutdowns, and project turnover.
Develops a standard set of construction specifications for all projects.
Conducts feasibility studies. Meets with departmental users to determine needs. Prepares project cost estimates.
Minimum Education
Degree in Engineering.
Additional graduate level or management courses preferred.
Familiarity with NFPA and JCAHO standards, and with building codes and other government regulations.
Minimum Experience
Duties involve a broad background with four to five (4 - 5) years in plant maintenance or construction,
and/or engineering.
Also, four to five (4 - 5) years management level experience in related or, preferably, hospital field.
Knowledge of all building trades as well as procedures for preparation of construction documents.
License in one of the major trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, building, etc., would be desirable.
Extensive experience could be acceptable.
Special Qualifications
Courses in rules and regulations with various governing agencies, i.e. NFPA, OSHA, MWRA, DEP,
DMH, DPH, Building Codes.

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