Pathology Assistant

Pathology Assistant, Per Diem, Varied Schedule, Weekends As Needed
Job Summary:
Provide a variety of funtions for the Pathology Department within the Surgical Cutting Room, Autopsy Suite and Frozen Section Room. In addition, perform other duties as required. Reports to Pathologists, Pathology Supervisor and Senior Pathologists' Assistant. Daily work overseen by Pathogists and Senior Pathologists' Assistant. Must be able to collaborate and effectively communicate with Pathologists, Pathology Supervisor, Senior Pathologists' Assistant, Pathology Technician and technical staff in Cytology, Histology and other laboratory departments. Must interact with couriers, medical staff and, at times, funeral home personnel.
Assist in the preparation and performance of postmortem examinations
Ascertaining if proper and legal authorization for necropsy has been obtained. In case of error or question, initiate procedure to obtain proper authorization, and in applicable cases, notify state medical examiner.
Arranging and coordinating patient chart information and other pertinent patient data for review with the pathologist.
Conferring with the pathologist to identify any special techniques or procedures which will be necessary and notify all personnel who are directly involved.
Notifying the physician in charge and all other authorities prior to beginning the dissection. Coordinating special requests for specimen sampling, i.e. organ transplant team, research, etc.
Performing the postmortem prosection, incuding the external examination, in situ organ inspection, evisceration, dissection and dictation or recording of data such as organ weights, presence of body fluids, gross anatomic findings, etc. under the direct/indirect supervision of the pathologist.
In collaboration with the pathologist selecting and preparing tissue sections for microscopic examination.
Obtaining biological specimens for analysis and performing special techniques as directed by the pathologist.
Photographing body, organs and other pertinent items when indicated.
Preparing preliminary summary of the clinical history for the pathologist.
Assisting the pathologist in the preliminary anatomic diagnosis or PAD.
Assuring proper restoration of the body for acceptable release to the funeral director.
Assisting the pathologist in the microscopic description and final anatomic diagnosis or FAD.
Assuring proper maintenance of equipment, adequacy of supplies and cleanliness of the autopsy suite.
Assist in the preparation and performance of surgical specimen examinations
Picking up specimens from Frozen Section Room and delivering them to the Surgical Cutting Room when necessary.
Registering patient demographic information into the computer when necessary.
Accessioning specimens into Meditech and CoPath computer system when necessary.
Assuring appropriate specimen accessioning and numbering of all surgical specimens.
Obtaining clinical history including scans, X-rays, etc. when indicated.
Printing cassettes with two identifiers as needed.
Describing gross anatomic geatures, dissecting surgical specimens and preparing tissue for microscopic examination under direct/indirect supervision of a pathologist.
Obtaining biological specimens for analysis and performing special techniques as directed by the pathologist.
Photographing all pertinent specimens.
Preparing frozen section slides for the pathologist.
Assuring proper maintenance of equipment, adequancy of supply inventory and cleanliness of the Surgical Cutting Room and Frozen Section Room.
Assist, initiate, institute and/or accomplish certain specialized procedures or duties as designated by the pathologists, Pathology Supervisor or Senior Pathologists' Assistant.
Keep current on new technologies, procedures and methodologies that may enhance patient care and/or increase efficiency in the laboratory.
Follow all orginizational, departmental, section and hospital policies, i.e. Fire, Safety, Hazardous Waste, HIPPA regulations, etc.
Meet departmental time frame of inspection readiness at all times. Ensure ongong compliance with all applicable regulatoryagencies including, but not limited to JCAHO, CAP, OSHA, DPH, HCFA, NCCLA, CLIA and HIPPA.
Develop and perform QA monitors to assure continued safe practices and superior patient care.
Conduct self in a professional manner at all time, (apparel, telephone etiquette, staff/peer interactions, etc.).
Maintain a clutter-free work environment by working neatly, efficiently and cleaning the work area as needed.
Strive for continuous improvements in service and quality.
Report immediately to Senior Pathologists' Assistant, Pathology Supervisor and/or Pathologist any deviation of normal operation or unusal occurances related to the laboratory. Report to Pathologists any suspicious results uncovered during autopsies or dissection of surgical specimens.
Accountable for accurate dissections, description and processing of grossed specimens.
Must Maintain the confidentiality and security of all hospital, medical staff, and/or patient related data and information.
Timely completion of autopsies required.
Must abide by all relevant hospital procedures including infection control policies and procedures.
Must meet production expectations as specified by the Pathology Supervisor and Senior Pathologists' Assistant.
P.A., ASCP or equivalent

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